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QPet Supplies have been in business for over 7 years.  We are an online pet supplies store specializes in unique and specialty dog, cat, and small pet products.  Our online pets store caters to pet owners who are looking for quality and good design products for their adorable pets.  Items are carefully reviewed through our approval process to bring the most reliable and comfortable products to our customers.

Pet Carriers - dog carrier, dog purses, designer style pet carrier, airline safe pet carrier, travel pet carrier, pet stroller...

Dog Apparel - dog tshirt, dog sweater, dog pajamas, dog shirt, dog hoodie, dog dress, dog costume, dog coat, dog jacket, dog tank top, dog harness, other pet apparel and clothing for small dogs.

Pet Beds - dog & cat beds, different pet mat sizes, dog pillow, cat pillow, cat play house, dog play house ....

Pet collars and leashes - leather collar and matching leash, genuine leather collar, rhinestone desgin collar, heart shape rhinestone collar.......

Pet Toys - rubber paw, rubber duck, tug rope toy for dogs, treat toy, etc.....

Pet Treats - bully stick, buffalo stick & chew, natural chicken jerky, dog treats such as lung, tuna, liver.......

Pet Vitamins - dog supplements for bone health, skin and coat health, etc.

Other pet accessories - dog bows, barrette, dog & cat charms, dog necklace, chicken treats, buffalo sticks

Pet Lovers - pins, dog necklaces, printed tshirt, dog keychains, charms


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Our Motto:

"Treat others as we wanted to be treated."  Our Integrity is sacred.  No one is perfect but we stride to do our best.

There are many things we feel morally important.

1.  We don't sell real fur products.

2.  We don't sell any brands that promote pornography.

Thank you.

Please bookmark this site.  We regularly add pet products to our line.

Thank you for visiting QPet Supplies, your boutique online pet store.


Pet Stroller
Soft Plush Leopard Print Pet Bed - Pink [16" x 16" x 5.5"]
Soft Plush Leopard Print Pet Bed - Pink [16" x 16" x 5.5"]
Soft, cozy and warm for a good night's rest. Removable pillow is ultra soft plush on one side and plush leopard print on the other side. Soft Plush Leopard Pet Bed is perfect for all pets.
• Ultra plush fabric is very soft
• Machine washable
• Inside pillow is removable and reversable
• Pillow is solid color on one side and leopard print on the other
• Size: 16" L x 16" W x 5.5" H
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